Redemption, or The Tale of Gael Thurae


After the strange mystic, the party decided to camp for the night.

Dirk and Artemis took the first watch.

And Vlorian dreamt…

I was in a cold room, the walls made of dark stone… Perhaps it was a dungeon. Maren stood, smiling, about ten paces in front of me. A shadome crept up behind him, and I saw a dagger drawn in the shadow’s hand. I tried to call out to him, to look out, to turn around, something, but no sound would come. I couldn’t even move. I watched as Maren was run through, and he fell dead. The shadow crept toward me, and I saw it was one of my companions, Phearafay. Once she reckognized me, she had a look of terror upon her face, and sadness in her eyes. I tried to speak again, but I only coughed and felt something wet on my lips. I went to wipe it away, and found it was blood. I looked down, and saw a deadly spike had run through my chest from behind, and I was covered in blood.

He awoke screaming and shaken, and told the party of his dream. Maren’s eyes grew wide as Vlorian described his nightmare.

Meanwhile, Marlux, sent by the Red Elves of Helmot as an ambassador, was traveling south along the road to Lumonia with her companion Miki. She was to speak with King Durdek and attempt to gain his favor (by whatever peaceful means necessary), not knowing of his death. Both her and Miki heard Vlorian’s screams and eventually saw the campfire by the ruins of the city. Though Marlux and Miki’s intentions seemed shady, the party needed more eyes and arms, and the pair was obviously skilled.

A Broken City

I can’t believe it…

The Fallen King, Durdek is dead.

An angelic warrior came down from the heavens and severed Durdek’s power, making him mortal.

Surrounded and apparently helpless, the Fallen King was hacked to death by the adventurers. Every deadly swing hit home. The king’s broken armor and sword lay amongst his shredded remains, his blood washed away by the pouring rain.

During their battle with the king, the city rose up hundreds of feet from the ground, an island of earth in sky. Once the king was slain, the city split in two halves and fell to the ground, killing everyone save for the party.

Half of the party escaped through a portal formed by their companion Lini, whilst the other half used the fabled drink Fuzzywig to temporarily teleport to another plane.

Nehalenia, the king’s only surviving heir, was still unable to claim the now shattered throne, for what was left of Lumonia must be ruled by a man. She was still only a princess, and could only marry a noble.

Once safely outside the fallen city, the party found a cave that was once hidden against the city wall. They entered the cave, and followed a water-logged passageway to what appeared to be the interior of a mystic’s tent.

Inside the tent was an old leathery-skinned fortune teller, her hair bound in beads, and her eyes blindfolded by old red cloth. The party sat at her table, and played a game of chance with her using a small deck of cards she provided. The game was simple; depending upon what the player drew, something (positive or negative) would happen.

The first to draw was Vlorian. Drawing the Fool, he lost all of his experience in his current level, and had to draw again. So far, off to a bad start. The next card he drew was the Sun, leveling him up and giving him a +1 great sword of Haerta.

The next was Artemis. She drew the Moon, granting her one wish, only if she used the wish within ten minutes. She later decided to gain three levels.

After her was Dirk. Perhaps it was a sign of his god’s favor, for he drew the Throne. His Charisma became 18, and he gained the title of noble, along with a castle, making it possible to marry the Princess Nehalenia. But first he must woo her…

Fred the Monk drew after him- with quiet less fortune. The card he drew was the Ruin; all of his worldly possessions – including his handmaiden, his pet cat, his gold and treasures and the very clothes off his back – vanished. Ceased to exist. Being a monk this didn’t phase him very much, for worldly possessions mean little to them. Perhaps this was a gentle reminder from his god.

Following Fred was Felix, who drew the Moon, and also chose to gain 3 levels as Artemis did.

Nehalenia decided to draw, making Dirk a little uneasy. Luckily, she drew the Key, gaining her a +1 dagger and a treasure map. Dirk let out a grateful sigh.

Valdike drew, pulling out the Star, allowing him to add two points to his Strength.

Maren, in my opinion, drew the best of all- the Fates. He was able to stop one event from ever happening, though it must have directly involved him. The party did not hear his choice.

Last and unluckiest came Lini. She drew the Void, sending her soul to a random plane, leaving her body in a comatose state. The party didn’t seem to react much.

After that, there was a flash, and the party stood upon the road once again, and the cave was gone.


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